Kids Outbound Training

CAPTURE apart from Outbound Learning for corporates has diversified into Outdoor Education for students from schools and colleges. Our idea is that outdoor education is the best education for children of all ages as this provides them a wider perspective of the world they are about to step in. Our workshops for students comprises of loads of fun and lots of learning; of the various skills essential to be successful. We believe that certain skills like your leadership skills, communication skills, the concept of working in a team, control over stress etc, are something that should be a part of a students education system since a young age.

Our Vision

  • To bring in the trend of educating students of all age on their soft skills; through Outdoor Education.
  • The workshop can be part of the curriculum either during the academic year or during vacations.
  • This can to be an initiative of the school or college authorities to make the program a success.
  • To bring about innovative techniques for the faculty and staff of the institutions in there teachings and as role models.

Why Outbound Learning For Children

Owing to the current trends of Globalization, children today are under an enormous amount of pressure. A great deal of emphasis is placed on academics, with which important aspects of character and personality development of the child is being neglected. It is of utmost importance that education of any kind should contain ingredients which help in elucidating the directions and paths the society is treading upon. This requires us to view the world and the changing scenario with a fresh perspective.

It is here that Outbound Learning workshops for children play an important role. These workshops help develop and boost self confidence and self belief of the children through a variety of fun and games. Schools and colleges are also gradually realizing the benefits of coupling indoor teaching together with outdoor education, in order to increase the personal as well as inter-personal development of children.

Outbound Learning For Faculty

Outbound Learning also helps teachers to connect more effectively with their students and shed their role as “controllers”. Teachers learn to communicate much more efficiently with their students and also develop alternate means of encouraging participation, initiative and motivation among children.

They are also taught to encourage individuality among students and to mould individuals, rather than to function as mere transmitters of knowledge. Hence, Outbound Learning not just an important aspect for the students; but also for the faculty and staff of the institution.


  • To instill in the child a sense of responsibility and management.
  • To develop the child’s responsibility.
  • To emphasize the development of social and interpersonal skills in the child.
  • To emphasize the importance of moral values among children.
  • To inculcate 4 days of Outbound Training Workshop per year for each batch of students; from schools and colleges. It is a very feasible target as it would be just 4 days for each batch of students.

Outbound Learning also benefits Faculty and Staff….

  • Developing them in more effective ways of communication.
  • Teaches them conflict management and motivation techniques.
  • Means of imposing authorities and discipline while shedding the label of “controllers”.

Why Send your Child for Outbound Learning ?

Outbound Training Workshop is a powerful tool to help with your child's development of skills needed to become a healthy, fully functioning adult.

  • Positive Identity (Self-esteem & Independence)
  • Social Skills (Leadership, Friendship Skills, Social Comfort, & Peer Relationships)
  • Physical and Thinking Skills (Adventure & Exploration & Environmental Awareness)
  • Positive Values (Values & Decisions)
  • Spirituality

Also, Outbound Training Workshop allows children the opportunity to engage in free, unstructured play.

Some of the Outbound Activities

  • Rafting, Kayaking, Sailing, Wind Surfing etc. for slightly older children (Adventure Based Water Sports)
  • Conduct syllabus related tours for management students with Outbound Training Workshops (Activities like Raft building, Objective oriented Ground Games, etc.)
  • Adventure camps (1-2 nights), to give them a taste of the outdoors.
  • Nature and Wildlife tours
  • For younger children, one day trips with loads of fun based Ground Games.


CAPTURE has refined over & over its safety procedures and program reviews to maintain an excellent safety record. CAPTURE Outbound Learning Workshops are as safe as human ingenuity and experience can make it. For all activities, safety is given top priority. Activities are carefully planned, tested and constantly supervised by qualified and experienced instructors. Operating procedures are established to ensure high safety levels. The participants are also trained on basic safety procedures and are a vital link in making the workshop safe and enjoyable.

First Aid

Our instructors are trained in Outdoor First Aid / Wilderness Advance First Aid which prepares them for appropriate field response to a wide variety of medical incidents. Doctor will also be present on our courses if necessary. Depending on the type of activities involved.

Outdoor Faculty and Adventure Specialist

Our Outdoor Training faculties are all certified trainers from esteemed institutions like Dale Carnegie Institution, USA, National Outdoor Leadership School USA, General Thimmaiah National Academy of Adventure – Govt. of Karnataka etc.

Our Adventure Specialists follow international safety standard and are trained and certified professionals. All the equipments and safety gears are imported from various well known brands form the USA, UK, Malaysia etc.