HR Outbound Training

People are business and industry's greatest assets and most important resource. Since most people use only a percentage of their talents and abilities, for them to realize their full potential is always profitable for an organization.

Capture aims at making people realize their full potential through experiential learning. This is achieved by improving their attitudes and developing in them the capability to succeed in constantly changing situations through flexibility in thinking and approach. Also by helping them become more self directed, developing ability to set and achieve goals and enhancing key leadership skills.

Working through RESULTS

At Capture, we believe in working through results. Training for training's sake is never good. To get best results out of any training programme, the programme must form a part of an overall organization plan, which is aimed at achieving concrete results.

Therefore, before we undertake any training programme, we follow these steps:
  1. Identify needs / assess problems that need to be addressed
  2. Setting down concrete and measurable objectives / results for the training programme
  3. Establish a system of feedback to measure the results and to ensure implementation of the knowledge gained
  4. Submit to the management a detailed report on issues that need to be addressed along with our recommendation

Program Objective

This program is for Work teams in organizations to experiment with interpersonal behavior and assess actions and reactions to individual and group behavior while working in teams. And, to enhance the professional growth and leadership development.

Topics that are covered during the program:
  • Setting group goals
  • Group ground rules
  • Group management skills
  • Activity processing
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Roles within the group
  • Competition issues
  • Application and practice of group problem solving

Why High performance team?

A team can accomplish much more than the sum of its individual members, yet frequently groups of people are seen to achieve lesser than what would have been accomplished by the individual members. Teams, whose members are aligned with a purpose, feel a challenge in their task. They have a strong sense of camaraderie, feel responsibility for the outcome and experience growth as a team and in their personal lives. This will tend to sustain motivation over the long haul.

Eight Principles of Good Practice for All Experiential Learning Activities

Regardless of the experiential learning activity, both the experience and the learning are fundamental. In the learning process and in the relationship between the learner and any facilitator(s) of learning, there is a mutual responsibility. All teams are empowered to achieve the principles which follow, yet at the same time, the facilitator(s) of learning is/are expected to take the lead in ensuring both the quality of the learning experience and of the work produced, and in supporting the learner to use the principles, which underlie the pedagogy of experiential learning.

  • Intention
  • Preparedness and Planning
  • Authenticity
  • Reflection
  • Orientation and Training
  • Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Acknowledgment


Group initiatives, involving real and imaginary ground-based obstacles, present physical, mental and emotional challenges that invite a group to explore team work strategies and demonstrate for themselves the importance of planning, cooperation and communication.

The success of the group in meeting the challenges of an initiative sequence will depend not only upon individual strengths but also upon creativity, tenacity, strategic planning, shared risk taking, the allocation of resources and the ability to create a climate in which individuals are able to trust each other and in which each member’s contribution are recognized and valued. Whatever the focus of a program, nearly every group comes away from the experience with a renewed sense of community and common purpose.

Program Details

The high performance team is a two Day Experiential Outdoor Developmental Workshop that take place at your facility of choice and are tailored to meet specific needs and available time allotments for your group. These workshops incorporate challenge-course initiatives to impart basic skills toward effective teamwork, communication, and problem solving. With a special focus on group challenges, participants will discuss specific personal roles and behaviors that lead to the outcome of each activity.

During this workshop participants are involved in a variety of activities and processing with their peers. We place a strong emphasis on participants working as a group to accomplish their set goals. By utilizing group games and initiatives, participants are faced with many challenges they must rise to overcome. This creates a unique experience that bonds peers and improves group communication skills.

The high performances Lab addresses the following aspects in different stages –

  • Association of Success with Cooperation & Communication
  • Creating Win- Win situations
  • Taking Responsibility & Responsibility Allocation In teams
  • Trust
  • Bonding
  • Communication, Cooperation & Coordination between teams within teams
  • Achievement Orientation
  • Harnessing individual skills & capabilities – Respecting Limitations


Based on the needs analysis, workshops are designed to address the concerns voiced by the client. The next stage is the delivery of training, wherein our consultant trainers provide the necessary inputs and learning points to the participants and help them prepare an action plan to implement the new learning. The workshops are designed to be highly interactive, thus providing an opportunity for the participants to take the initiative in drawing out the learning and committing themselves to implementing the new learning.